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The beaches in Mexico are among the best in the world, measuring almost 10,000km. The coast of Mexico supports a wide variety of species including dolphins, whales, fish, turtles, birds and many more.

In Cabo, you will Find popular beaches such as Playa del Amor, Medano Bay, Balandra, and a wide variety of other activities to do. Cabo is also know for its beautiful sunsets that combine a variety of colors that will leave you truly impressed by the incredible beauty.


Family is the most important aspect of life for most Mexicans- family relationships are typically very close. There is a general expectation placed upon Mexicans to be loyal and respectful.

Mexico finds one of its many expressions in folk dance. Depending on each geographical area of the country, the typical dances make an appearance in different social events. The dances are differentiated according to their place of origin.

In terms of sports like many countries the world, Soccer is Mexico's favorite sport. This sport has been played at a professional level in Mexico since 1943. Mexicans also have a special affection for sports such as boxing or baseball.

Invest in Cabo | Ares development group
Invest in Cabo | Ares development group


In general, Mexican food brings together indigenous and European gastronomic traditions. The base of Mexican gastronomy is, without a doubt, corn and chili.

Mexican Cusine varies by region due to local climate, geography and ethnic differences.

The most popular dish is tacos. It consists of a tortilla, usually made of corn, which is commonly rolled to contain various ingredients and some type of sauce inside.

Other important dishes are tamales, generally prepared from corn or rice dough stuffed with meat, vegetables, sauces and other ingredients, which are wrapped in vegetable leaves such as corn or banana, then cooked in water. This dish can taste sweet or salty.

There is great diversity of dishes that you can discover when living in Mexico.

Things to do

Being such a diverse country, you can find the following activities to do:

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Whale Watching
  • Kayaking
  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Sport fishing Events
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Jet Ski
  • Catamaran and Boat Tours
  • Surfing
  • And many more adventures!
Invest in Cabo | Ares development group

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